Chitenge is a fabric you’ll see all over Zambia.  You buy it in 6 meter increments, 2 meters for a skirt, 1 for a top, 2 for a chitenge wrap, and 1 for a baby wrap or head piece.

Here is a great blog post about the practicality of a chitenge wrap and some interesting tidbits!

I bought two different materials and had two chitenge suits made- so next time I’m in Africa I can dress appropriately for meetings outside of big cities.





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Southern Province

I traveled to Southern Province during my third week here.  Southern Province is HOT and it’s known for cows.  Cows everywhere. and goats.

these are masuku fruits.  they’re round with rough skin (kind of look like little potatoes), have a few seeds in the middle, and grow on trees.  they’re found in southern province.  this is prime season for them.  we stopped and bought some so that i could taste them.  you just push the sides to crack open the skin (like eating a lychee) and then you eat the fruit that’s in the middle.  don’t eat the seeds or the skin.




the fruit is kind of the texture and taste of a plum.

i was traveling for work, visiting one of our small grantee organizations and the communities that they serve.  this was the home of one of the “care takers”- a woman who lives in the community and who visits (daily) the homes of community members who are HIV/AIDS positive or who have TB.  she visits them to ensure they’re taking their drug treatments and to generally check in with them.  she counsels the individual and their families, and works around the community to reduce the stigma of living with AIDS and/or TB.   she was selling greens, onions, wheat, and dried fish.

we bought some wheat


these are two more care takers (in the middle) with two employees of the grantee organization we support.  this organization purchased bicycles for the care takers so that they would be able to reach more members of the community.  the women not only visit individuals, but they also lead peer group meetings to educate their peers on HIV/AIDS prevention and reducing stigma.


on the way back to Lusaka, we stopped several times.  here, we’re picking eucalyptus branches for herbal remedies.


Southern Province is known for cows, and apparently they have the best milk.  Naturally, we stopped at the dairy.


fresh milk in a bag.


sour milk


we stopped on the side of the highway to buy more masuku.  we bought A TON.



we stopped in Batoka aka “tomato land.”  they use all the manure from the cows and they grow the best tomatoes in the country (or so I’m told).


SWEET baby boy playing with sticks


packing up our tomatoes and onions


this is the “tomato land” market/side of the road where we stopped


driving- moving shot


we stopped in Masabuka for fish.  these guys buy the fish from the fisherman and then sell them along the side of the highway.  this is Edwin smiling for me.


we bought SO MUCH FISH.


more driving. you can imagine how the truck smelled at this point…masuku, onions, tomatoes, eucalyptus, sour milk, fish…and it’s 98 degrees outside…
driving back to Lusaka

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driving around, pictures from the car

water pump




this is the office of a farm cooperative that my colleague belongs to


a few kids playing in the farm co-ops supplies

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eating nshima

I mentioned earlier about eating nshima for lunch and dinner.  Here are a few pictures of me eating nshima for lunch with some colleagues.


vegetables in clockwise order from 8 o’clock: okra, collard greens (known as “rape” in Zambia), impwa (the small white eggplants), pumpkin leaves, pinto beans, nshima (the snowballs)


Victor washing his hands, Arthur giving instructions


Khutoma, Victor, Arthur grabbing nshima


me, Mbuwa, Agnes, Khutoma…we had T-bone fresh from the grill as the meat to go with our veggies and nshima


me, Mbuwa, Agnes, Khutoma
Victor, Arthur, me, Mbuwa
the outside of where we had just eaten
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article on traveling

I came across this post recently and really appreciate the different tips it offers.  I was trying to gather as much information as possible about little things before I left, like, are taxis safe (yes just agree on a price first), do they accept MasterCard (not most places), can you drink the water (no).  I like how varied these points are, from smoking to being firm to taking a lot of cash.  Numbers 26 and 27 are hugely important.

Link to article here.

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Chobe- 4- more elephants







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Chobe- 3- other animals by water




water buffalo


some birds on a dead tree, forgot what they are called


elephants (and baby elephants!)


tons of water buffalo



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